What Can The Friendship Circle Offer Your Child?

The Friendship Circle revolves around friendship. Children with special needs often have plenty of professionals and service workers who work with them on a regular basis; however, the most important part of a child’s life is a feeling of belonging. The volunteers who participate in the friendship circle are talented, caring and energetic. We match each child with an appropriate volunteer. We then organize social experiences, both one-on-one and group activities, that foster camaraderie, friendship and fun. Your child will gain confidence and moral support with new friends who care for them no matter what.

What Can The Friendship Circle Offer You?

Parents of children with special needs have their hands full. Often, parents find it difficult to join a community or commit time to programs because of their busy schedules. The Friendship Circle offers much needed respite for parents and siblings as well as providing a platform for expression and involvement with the community at large and with other families who share common goals. We are confident that the relationships and experiences your child will encounter in The Friendship Circle will foster positive relationships in the home.