A Volunteer’s Story – Sarah

Sometimes when we grow up, we forget things. We forget about the little things we have the most fun with, like arts and crafts, making amazing food with friends, or even dancing in a made up world while pretending to be princes and princesses. We lose sight of how much fun we can have just by taking walks and stopping at lemonade stands along the way, watching awesome Disney movies like Princess and the Frog, and having fashion shows in the Kohl’s fitting rooms. These are just a few of the simple activities I’ve participated in with my new friends I’ve made through Friendship Circle. Thank you to my friends Elizabeth, Elisa, Danielle, Kelsey, Michael, Myron, Julian, Caroline, and everyone else who makes sure I have an awesome time at every event. With your loyalty and commitment, along with your positive attitudes and the fun you provide for the rest of us, you’ve truly changed my life.

My name is Sara Boyer and I’ve been with Friendship Circle and the Bakers Fellowship for about a year/year and a half now. If you’re here as a prospective volunteer, I can’t even express to you what an awesome decision it is to become involved with Friendship Circle. You’ll meet some of the most amazing people and you’ll work with other teens that will teach you more than you can ever learn in a classroom. As a participant in Friendship Circle, I’ve learned how to appreciate what I’ve got, as well as who I’ve got. I look around and I see all of these absolutely fantastic volunteers, these extremely supportive parents, and these hardworking organizers of FC, like Una, Benny, Esther, and David. (Applause?) Without the efforts of these guys, FC wouldn’t be nearly as great as it is. Thank you to parents, volunteers, and organizers of Friendship Circle for helping to improve the lives of everyone around, by making our environment laidback, and by helping us to more effectively communicate with our peers.

Although many members of Bakers and the rest of Friendship Circle are leaving for college in the near future, I know that each and every one of us, no matter the distance, will keep Friendship Circle close to our hearts. We hope those of you here who are not yet members will join; it’s the best thing you can do for not only those around you, but for yourself.

Sara Boyer